Cutting-Edge Diabetes Management Program

For those living with diabetes, we understand the struggles that come with managing the condition. Our inSolutions Diabetes Treatment aims not only to alleviate symptoms but to promote healing. So, we focus on healing the body rather than just managing symptoms. One approach we take is using insulin as a hormone, not just a drug, to regulate blood sugar and improve metabolic conditions. We understand how challenging it can be to navigate diabetes, which is why we offer compassionate support and personalized care every step of the way.

  • Regulate your body's glucose metabolism more naturally and effectively.
  • Minimize inflammation associated with fat storage.
  • Uses an FDA-Approved infusion pump to administer fast-acting insulin.
  • Helps you regain control over your energy levels by improving insulin sensitivity.
  • Benefit from compassionate care that focuses on long-term health outcomes.
  • Enjoy effective symptom relief tailored to your individual needs.

How Does inSolutions Work?

If you’re struggling with a metabolic disorder, you understand the toll it can take on your daily life. But there’s hope. inSolutions is a remarkable healing treatment that takes a unique approach to tackling the issue at its core. By using insulin as a hormone rather than a drug, inSolutions mimics your body’s natural processes to effectively address the chief cause of metabolic disorders. While there is no cure for diabetes, this approach helps reverse diabetes symptoms by addressing the root cause, metabolic disorders. Patients have reported:

95% of Patients Experience Relief from Neuropathy Symptoms

63% of Patients Reduced Their HbA1c

76% of Patients Report Improvement in at Least One Symptom

41% of Patients Reduced at Least One Medication

Say goodbye to just getting by and hello to reclaiming your health and vitality with inSolutions.

Diabetes Treatment

Typical Treatment Plan

At the core of our practice is the belief that every patient deserves personalized care and attention. We understand that metabolic disorders can be debilitating, which is why our treatment plan is centered around healing and optimizing your overall health.


Initial Consultation

The journey towards a healthy, balanced metabolism begins with an initial consultation, where we take the time to understand your unique medical needs. This allows us to create a personalized care plan, which includes an “Induction Phase”.


Induction Phase

During this phase, patients receive weekly infusions that typically last for three hours. We encourage patients to engage in activities such as reading, working, or watching TV, which helps pass the time until they transition into the “Maintenance Phase.”


Maintenance Phase

Our focus is not just on treating the symptoms but on healing and optimizing your metabolism in the long term. The maintenance phase involves reducing the frequency and duration of your infusions while ensuring that your metabolism is optimized.